Happy Customers

We all want happy customers and customers want to be happy, generally.  This should be easy right?  A = B that type of relationship.

Things are often not this straightforward.  It does not help when your business is a industry with so many options that it is generally

accepted that no one person can know all the variations.  Right from the start customer expectations are going to be impossible to manage. In short, you are screwed! 

How can you manage expectations when it is generally accepted knowledge that no one knows everything that is available?  This means that if your customer is looking for something that you can not find, it is because you are lazy or stupid or bad at your job.  It could never be that what they are looking for does not exist! Am I right? 

It is important that we set expectations early and communicate with our customers.  Help them to understand that we do know our way around the building products world.  This is not an easy world to navigate but with experience and the right tools we can give our customers confidence and restore the relationship of their expectations. 

Ryan Banks
Ryan Banks