Usefulness is next to Godliness!

 Every day I am more amazed, dare I say surprised?  At how useful the site has been so far.  It is really amazing and a testament to what we are doing is worth it!  

As the site exists today we have about 85% of the major doors loaded up and no other products.  I reference the site 4 - 5 times daily for help.  The question could be what does the CC330 door look like?  Or what are the other options for a door that needs to have 2 panels and 2 lights?  What is the product number of that 6 panel door?

The questions that can be answered today are many.  

We are changing the way information is shared and accessed in the industry.  The possibilities are endles. 

Hold onto your skivvies, the train is departing the station.

All Ahead,


Ryan Banks
Ryan Banks